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 Huzhou hehua typical project performance
1. Potash and Potassium Fertilizer Industry: More than 10 sets of rubber belt vacuum filters for Qinghai Salt Lake Group and Guotou Luo Pot.
2.the phosphorus chemical industry: for the Sinochem Fertilizer, Yunnan Phosphate Group and other enterprises supporting more than dozen sets of large-scale rubber belt vacuum filter.
3. Coal chemical coal gasification industry: It supplies dozens of belt filters for large energy enterprises such as Sinopec, Nanjing Huisheng, China Shenhua and Inner Mongolia Yitai.
4. Fly Ash Comprehensive Utilization Industry: Provide belt vacuum filter for the comprehensive utilization of fly ash in power plants such as Guangdong, Hunan and Fujian.
5. Mine environmental protection comprehensive utilization field: For the iron ore enterprises in Hebei, Shanxi, Henan and Shaanxi, it is equipped with concentration equipment and belt filtration equipment in the tailings dry discharge project. the biochemical, food, pharmaceutical industry: for dozens of belt vacuum filter for COFCO Biochemical, Guangzhou Aosang MSG, Zhongmu Feed and many other enterprises. the steel vanadium and titanium metallurgy industry: for the Saddle Pan Iron and Steel Group, Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, Shaanxi, a number of vanadium mining enterprises supporting dozens of sets of vacuum filter.
8.aluminum industry alumina industry: Shanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia, a number of alumina enterprises supporting dozens of belt vacuum filters.
9. Catalyst molecular sieve industry: Provide dozens of belt vacuum filter equipment for many molecular sieve catalytic production enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Hunan, Henan and Shandong.
10. In the field of electric power environmental protection (FGD): for China Guodian, Huaneng, Huadian, China Power Investment, Datang Power Five Power Generation Company, Zhejiang Energy and other more than 200 thermal power plants (FGD) projects supporting hundreds of sets of gypsum dewatering machines .
11. Environmental protection industry: DY belt filter press and DNY type concentrated dewatering machine are provided for sludge dewatering and environmental protection projects in various industries.
12. Sludge Disposal Industry: Provides patented WN-XTY series high-pressure sludge dewatering machine and municipal sludge disposal BOT project for sludge deep dewatering of many large-scale sewage treatment plants in Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong and Fujian.