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The belt filter press manufacturer tells you that the filter


Due to the long-term operation of the filter press, some faults will occur. Next, the manufacturer of the belt filter press from Huzhou Hehua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you about the failure and repair methods of the filter press.
(belt filter press manufacturers) belt filter press common fault analysis:
1. When the sludge is too thick or the dry block remains, it will cause the blockage of the feed port. At this time, there is no medium between the filter plates, only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself is left. At this time, the plate itself is easily pressed for a long time. Cause damage.
2. If the outlet is blocked by solids or the supply valve is closed or the valve is closed when starting, the pressure is not leaked, causing damage.
3. If the supply is insufficient or the feed contains inappropriate solid particles, the plate frame itself will be stressed too much to be damaged.
4. When the filter plate is not cleaned, it sometimes causes the medium to leak. Once it leaks out, the edge of the plate frame will be washed out with a small groove. The pressure of the medium will not increase, and the mud cake cannot form. .
(belt filter press manufacturers) belt filter press repair steps:
1. Clean the groove, leak out the fresh surface, and clean it with a small saw blade.
2. Apply the prepared repairing agent to the groove and apply it slightly higher.
3, quickly set the filter cloth, squeeze the filter plate together, make the repair agent and filter cloth stick together, while squeezing the groove
4, black and white two repair agents in a ratio of 1:1
5. After squeezing for a period of time, the viscose is naturally formed and no longer changes. At this time, it can be used normally.
The above is the introduction of the belt filter press manufacturer!
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