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Belt filter press manufacturers tell you how to choose a bel


The belt filter press manufacturer tells you that the belt filter press is very common in various fields such as sewage treatment, sludge treatment, metallurgy, food processing, and kerosene chemical industry. There are many types of belt filter presses, and because of the difference in the production of belt filter press manufacturers, there are certain differences in the application of the products. Therefore, the manufacturer of the belt filter presses must be sure to make the following points:
1. It is necessary to determine the configuration examples necessary for the enterprise. Different production areas deal with the difference in the demand of the belt filter press. This tension body is equipped with the number of squeeze rolls, the extrusion method and the layout, speed and tension of the filter belt. Therefore, before purchasing the configuration, the enterprise first It is necessary to know what kind of belt filter press configuration is necessary. (belt filter press manufacturers).
2. The so-called goods are not losing money. There are many manufacturers of belt filter presses in the market. Therefore, in the process of purchasing and configuring, the super-manufacturers with belt pressure remind not to blindly believe in individual brands, and it is best to choose long-term manufacturers. Holding a purchase, another one is to look at the anti-corrosion performance of the dull. The current market has stainless steel, cast steel, probably hot-dip galvanized, cold-galvanized belt filter press configuration, anti-corrosion differences, material differences, the cost will also be different.
3. The cost affects consumption, but the choice of low-cost products for accidental blindness will often bring us more losses. In the case of large-scale configurations such as belt filter presses, the low cost means poor wind production, so in the face of low-priced seduce, it is necessary to connect with the awakened mind. (belt filter press manufacturers).